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Our New Manufacturing Process

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Hi Blog Buddies,


For the last several months we've been working through some small company growing pains with our manufacturing process. Since our inception in August 2017 we have been working with a local company to help us make inroads with Chinese manufacturers who would help us produce our shirts on a mass scale. This relationship had its highs and lows, but recently thanks to a shipment of shirts that came in off-white, we decided we needed to reconsider the process in which we used to fabricate our shirts. We felt uncomfortable selling these less than perfect shirts to you guys at full price, and thus our "prototype" shirt was born. With such a large order and so much money tied up in these less than stellar shirts, revisiting our manufacturing process became necessary for the health and future of the company. 

Our first thought was to bring manufacturing to the US, allowing us to be American designed and American made. Unfortunately, we realized very quickly that it would be impossible for us to continue as the "Affordable Performance Dress Shirt" if we were to manufacture in the US, no matter which factory we chose. We would have had to raise our prices to almost double, and we definitely didn't want to do that. Our goal has and will always be to make the greatest dress shirt you'll ever wear affordable.

We took our search abroad to find reputable, safe, and quality manufacturers across the globe. We finally landed on Zhejiang Meihu Dress Co. back in China. With the expertise that we've gained over the past year and a half of building relationships in production in China we believe this factory is creating great product under great conditions. 

And since we've cut out the middle-man we will now be offering our shirts at a lower price for good! $40 for all shirts from now on, down from the current $55 and $50 mark. With this lower price point we are offering a luxury product at an even more affordable price while our competitors are still charging anywhere from $120-$150 a shirt. This coupled with a shorter turnaround in overall manufacturing time will allow us to get you the same great product (we think the new shirts may be even better!) at a lower price and quicker than in the past!

2019 has already been a bit of a rollercoaster with a lot of excitement and we're excited to get these new and improved shirts into your hands! Stay tuned for some more exciting announcements coming down the line in the coming weeks and months from us! 


Lots of love,

-Jordan and the Blue and White Collar team

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