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Hey there, fashion trailblazers
and comfort-seekers!

Ever had a wardrobe malfunction right before that crucial meeting or date? Perhaps a coffee stain that looked like a map of an unknown island? Or a shirt so stiff it felt like a cardboard cutout of YOU? Fear not, for I've discovered the holy grail of dress shirts: &Collar. Here's why this brand is my knight in sleek, stylish armor:

1. Stretchy (Like My Budget Before Payday)

Remember those shirts that made you feel like a T-Rex trying to do yoga? Say no more! &Collar shirts are as stretchy as my social life is expansive (Hint: very). They're designed for humans, not mannequins, allowing for every conceivable move—from hailing a cab to victorious high-fiving.

2. Stain Resistant (Because Shirt Happens)

If you, like me, are a magnet for spills, &Collar is your hero in disguise. Their shirts resist stains like a cat avoids water. Coffee, wine, or even the dreaded spaghetti splash—nothing stands a chance. It's like having a magic cloak, but it's just your super cool shirt.

3. Affordable (Without Selling a Kidney)

Pricing, you ask? Here's a shocker: you won’t need to auction a precious organ on the black market to afford these bad boys. Quality meets affordability in this fashion miracle. &Collar makes you look like a million bucks, without the "million bucks" part.

4. Comfortable (Cloud Nine, Anyone?)

These shirts don't just respect your wallet; they respect your skin and personal space. The material is softer than a politician's promise and more reliable. It’s like being hugged by a cloud wearing a silk robe. Comfort? Check. Awkward stiffness? Never heard of it.

5. Keeps You Cool (Literal and Figurative)

Bid farewell to embarrassing pit parties and the sauna imitation contest. &Collar shirts are cooler than a cucumber in sunglasses. Whether you're running for a bus or amidst intense office aircon politics, you’ll stay as chill as a penguin on vacation.

Convinced Yet? Jump On the Comfort Train!

So, ready to reclaim your comfort and confidence? To stride into work or any social event knowing your shirt’s got your back? &Collar isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle. It's for those who embrace the day, brave the spaghetti, and throw caution to the wind (because their shirt can totally handle it). Embrace the &Collar revolution. Shop now; regret never!


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The classic performance dress shirt for every big or little occasion in your life. The Atlantic will keep you cool regardless if you're biking in humid conditions, prepping for a job interview, or just looking to elevate your wardrobe.




Sleeve Length


Machine Washable Forget dry-cleaning and embrace ease with &Collar's machine-washable shirts. Toss them in, wash, and they're ready to wear, maintaining their high-quality feel and look. Your effortless, stylish life just got even simpler.

Wrinkle-Resistant Ditch the iron and keep the sleek. &Collar's wrinkle-resistant design ensures you maintain a sharp, professional look straight from the drawer. It's not just a shirt; it's your personal time-saver.

Stain Repellent Bid farewell to life's little spills. Featuring advanced stain repellent technology, &Collar shirts let liquids roll right off, ensuring you're spotless even when surprises strike. Stay clean, confident, and carefree.

What Our Customers are Saying:

The Atlantic is so nice! I wore it for a wedding on a hot summer day and it kept me cooler than any other shirt! I won’t be buying any other shirt from now on, can’t believe it took me so long to find these.

Alex B.

Verified Buyer

Best dress shirt I’ve ever bought. By far. Having the option to choose between slim or athletic allowed me to find a shirt that works with my body. Looks just as good as my most expensive dress shirt.

Josef G.

Verified Buyer

As a bigger guy who sweats a lot especially at functions, I wore this shirt for the first time the other day without an under shirt and it was perfect. My shirt was soaked under my blazer but you couldn’t see it through the shirt. Dried so quickly too.

Robert G.

Verified Buyer

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&Collar: The Shirt That's Got Your Back... Literally!

Being professional doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or style. &Collar delivers all three in a package that works as hard as you do!