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5 Reasons Why &Collar Shirts Make the Best Gifts

Elevate their closet and your gifting game—&Collar shirts are like a high-five for their wardrobe.

Hey there, gift-givers and

So, another special occasion is on the horizon, and you're probably about to embark on the ceremonial journey of The Great Gift Hunt. Well, buckle up, because I'm about to show you why &Collar shirts are the treasure at the end of this rainbow!

1. One-Size Charms All: Stretchy Goodness

Gift-giving is tough, especially when you're playing a guessing game with sizes. Here's a game-changer: &Collar shirts. They're stretchier than an accordion playing a tango! These shirts embrace the art of fitting like a dream, making you the wizard who somehow always knows the right size.

2. Bye-Bye, Stains: The Gift of Invincibility

Oh, the horror of gifting a gorgeous white shirt, only to see it baptized with wine at the next event. Well, &Collar shirts laugh in the face of spills! Gift them the superpower of staying spotless, because walking through life unstained is indeed a superhero trait.

3. Wallet-Friendly: More Bang, Less Buck

Feel like gifting quality will have your wallet gasping for air? Not here! &Collar combines luxury with affordability. It's like finding a rare gem that doesn't require a treasure map or a pirate's ransom. Impress them with a gift that looks lavish, feels fantastic, and kindly spares your bank account.

4. Comfort King: Like Wearing a Hug

If you could gift-wrap comfort, it would wear an &Collar tag. These shirts are softer than a marshmallow serenade and cooler than the other side of the pillow. It's the closest thing to gifting a constant cozy embrace.

5. Coolness Overload: For the Trendsetters

Let's face it, nobody wants to be the gifter of "meh." &Collar is your ticket to the hall of "Oh wow, I love it!" fame. Trendy, stylish, and modern, these shirts scream sophistication and subtly whisper, "I'm the coolest gift-giver."

Ready to Be the Best Gift-Giver?

There you have it! &Collar isn't just a shirt; it's an experience – one that says, "I care about you enough to gift you comfort, style, and confidence." Ready to make your loved ones feel special? To see them strut in style, comfort, and grace? Step right up and make &Collar your next gift-giving sensation. Shop the magic now; thank you notes guaranteed!


12,915+ Trusted Customer Reviews


The classic performance dress shirt for every big or little occasion in your life. The Atlantic will keep you cool regardless if you're biking in humid conditions, prepping for a job interview, or just looking to elevate your wardrobe.




Sleeve Length


Machine Washable Forget dry-cleaning and embrace ease with &Collar's machine-washable shirts. Toss them in, wash, and they're ready to wear, maintaining their high-quality feel and look. Your effortless, stylish life just got even simpler.

Wrinkle-Resistant Ditch the iron and keep the sleek. &Collar's wrinkle-resistant design ensures you maintain a sharp, professional look straight from the drawer. It's not just a shirt; it's your personal time-saver.

Stain Repellent Bid farewell to life's little spills. Featuring advanced stain repellent technology, &Collar shirts let liquids roll right off, ensuring you're spotless even when surprises strike. Stay clean, confident, and carefree.


What Our Customers are Saying:

We love all things &Collar! My husband loves the shirts he got and tells everyone he knows about how breathable and comfortable they are.

Stephanie S.

Verified Buyer

Best dress shirt I’ve ever bought. By far. Having the option to choose between slim or athletic allowed me to find a shirt that works with my body. Looks just as good as my most expensive dress shirt.

Josef G.

Verified Buyer

As a bigger guy who sweats a lot especially at functions, I wore this shirt for the first time the other day without an under shirt and it was perfect. My shirt was soaked under my blazer but you couldn’t see it through the shirt. Dried so quickly too.

Robert G.

Verified Buyer

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