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      Want to be a Member of our &Collar Insiders Program? 


      Remember the first time you tried one of our &Collar shirts and you couldn’t believe you hadn’t bought it sooner? We want to help you share that same joy with your friends and family through our Insiders Program! Not only will you be able to hook your friends up with your own, private discount code, but you will also be able to win some pretty cool rewards in return (and yes, cash is one of them). 

      Perks of being an &Collar Insider: 

      Let’s talk about the good stuff: What’s in it for you?

      • Opportunity for free products.
      • Exclusive access to try new products.
      • Free swag (two best words known to mankind).
      • Shop Credit and Gift Cards to your fav places
      • Good karma for making other people’s life better with their new &Collar product

      Responsibilities of being an &Collar Insider: 

      Share the secret with your friends! Here are some ways to get the word out about these life changing products:

      • Participate in the campaigns that you see fit in exchange for rewards
      • Create photo and video content talking about &Collar
      • Provide insightful feedback to &Collar regarding opportunities to expand brand presence and sales.

      Okay enough about us, tell us about YOU! Fill this out to apply for our Insiders Program!