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      Being an online-only store has its obstacles. We know many of you want to come in to try on a shirt, exchange a size, get one without waiting for shipping or simply to meet a team member. So we have a pick-up service! 

      We are setting up times during the week for you to make appointments with us in Salt Lake City, Utah. Keep reading to see how you can pick up a shirt!

      Pick Up Details

      1. Go check out our shirts, decide which size(s), color(s), and sleeve length(s) you want to buy or try on.
      2. Decide what time to come (please choose a time at every quarter hour):
        Pick up times are between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday - Friday.
      3. Shoot us an email (hopefully 24 hours in advance) at info@andcollar.com with this subject heading: Pick Up [Insert Date and Time]. In the email, please indicate what shirt(s) you would like to try on and how many.
      4. Wait for a confirmation and additional details in an email.
      5. See you at your appointment!

      Note: Please be on time, we cannot guarantee a pick up if you are more than 15 minutes late.

      Payment Options

      Picking up allows for the following payment options:

      1. Credit Card
      2. Ordering online before picking up (if you choose this option, please email info@andcollar.com prior to purchasing, this way you won't pay shipping!)