5 Reasons to Upgrade Dad’s Wardrobe with an &Collar Shirt This Father’s Day

Stretchy, Stain-Repellent, Dad-Approved

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Confident middle-aged man in a white shirt seated against a beige background.
Man in white shirt reading a book in a kitchen.


Stain Defense Level: Superdad

Does Dad love spaghetti as much as he loves ignoring napkins? &Collar shirts are virtually spill-proof. BBQ mishaps? Coffee slips? No problem. Let him enjoy his messy meals with dignity this Father’s Day.

Smiling bearded man in white shirt and navy trousers standing against a grey background.


Endorsed by Dad Bods Everywhere

We've got enough 5-star reviews from dads to start a dad band. Each review praises the supreme comfort and undeniable dad-style of our shirts. Your dad needs this level of cool. Trust us.

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Stretch for that Extra Reach

Watch Dad go from 'I can't reach it' to 'I’ve still got it' as our stretchy shirts make him feel like a superhero. Whether he's reaching for the remote or swooping in for a game of tag with the kids, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a shirt that moves with him through every laugh and every play.

Man in white shirt adjusting a black suspenders.


Wallet-Friendly Wow

Why spend a fortune when you can get Dad a premium shirt that screams "millionaire at a discount"? Save your wallet and his style without dipping into the college fund.

Man sitting on a couch working on a laptop near a window.


All-Day, Any-Day Dad-Style

Meeting? Sorted. Date night with Mom? Nailed it. Lounging like a lord on his throne of couch cushions? Absolutely. Our shirts adapt faster than Dad’s mood swings on game day.


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Dress Him for Success...or Sofa

Gift Dad the ultimate comfort this Father's Day with &Collar shirts. Perfect for any occasion, they promise style without sacrificing comfort. Let him enjoy his day in a shirt that feels as good as it looks—because Dad deserves the best!

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