Anatomy of a Performance Dress Shirt

Anatomy of a Performance Dress Shirt

Anatomy of a Performance Dress Shirt

Anatomy of a Performance Dress Shirt - Front

Anatomy of a Performance Dress Shirt - Back

We didn't know much about dress shirts until we realized that we needed to change the way they performed. Now, you might call us experts. With our months of researching, developing, resizing, producing, and selling dress shirts, here is our guide to the anatomy of a dress shirt.

Collar: A primary differentiation between t-shirts and dress shirts, collars add a sense of professionalism and formality to your wardrobe. There are different shapes of collars such as spread, semi-spread, point, and cutaway. Sticking to our modernity, we opted for a semi-spread collar with our performance dress shirts.

Pocket: In our commitment to both the white-collar professionals and blue-collar workers, we wanted to create a shirt that was functional as well as stylish. Blue and White Collar performance dress shirts come with pockets that stretch and are durable thanks to reinforced stitching.

Placket: This is the part of the shirt that the buttons are fastened/sewed to. Traditionally, the placket would be an entirely separate piece of material. It is more common nowadays to see the placket be made of the same cut of cloth as the body of the shirt.

Sleeve Placket (or Gauntlet): Not to be confused with the shirt placket, the sleeve placket, sometimes referred to as the gauntlet, runs from the cuff to near the elbow. This placket allows for customization in rolling your sleeves or adjusting the base of the cuff.

Cuff: The cuff trims or finishes off the sleeve of the shirt. There are different styles such as the French cuff, but we opted for a more conservative barrel cuff. An important aspect of the cuff from a buyer's perspective is the "crispness", something we paid special attention to by using two layers of fabric to keep our (and your) cuffs stiff and crisp.

Sleeve: Our shirts come in both short and long sleeve. Due to the performance materials we use, rest assured that either option will breathe and wick moisture.

Darts: To keep our shirts slim, we employ darts in the lower back part of the product. These darts allow us to bring the extra fabric in to create a tapered look. Our regular fit shirts, on the other hand, have pleats to allow for greater movement in the shoulders.


-Jordan and the &Collar team