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      2019 Year in Review

      2019 Year in Review

      2020, 2020 goals, 2019 year in review
      We are a few days late, but it doesn't mean it's any less true! Here is our year in review we wanted to share with all of you. 
      • What started out as a resume builder in college has now turned into full-time jobs! We (Jordan and Ben) now work on our dream every single day out of our office in downtown Salt Lake City.
      • We partnered with 15 great retailers to offer our shirts in storefronts around the region. Here is a list
      • We expanded our product mix to include stain-resistant neckties and patterned shirts. Both, thanks to you all, did better than expected!
      • The environment and our planet matters to us, so we decided to do something to help! We partnered with you to remove thousands of plastic bottles from our oceans and waterways by manufacturing our products out of recycled polyester.
      • We added a stain-repellent coating to all of our products to improve their performance and increase their lifespan.
      Those are just a few of the incredible highlights we've had in this memorable and special year. Simply put, thank you for enabling us to pursue our dream every single day. We are even more excited about the things we have planned to share with you for 2020!

      ANNOUNCING : Free Returns & Exchanges

      ANNOUNCING : Free Returns & Exchanges

      &Collar is now proud to announce free returns and exchanges!

      We held off until now, not because of a worry about our product quality but due to a concern over our financial ability to grow and offer that service as a small business, but are excited to now offer free returns and exchanges to all of our wonderful customers and supporters. As we continue to try to make online sizing easier to understand and as we expand into new products, we want you to be able to shop with ease and comfort of mind. We stand behind our products and want you to take a chance on them. If you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll take your order back and refund you.

      1. To initiate a return or exchange, you will enter our online portal ( You'll be asked for your order number and email.
      2. Once you put that in, you will be provided with instructions on how to move forward and submit a request for an exchange or return.
      3. As soon as we approve your request, you'll be emailed a prepaid shipping label.
      4. Mail the product(s) you would like to exchange or return with that shipping label. We will offer you a full refund to your original payment method (for returns) or a gift card for the full amount of your order including shipping so you can place a "new order" free of charge for the proper product/size (for exchanges).

      We are excited about our potential to continue to grow with you and hope that this will help improve your overall experience with us. Thanks for all of your generous support! We can't wait to share even more announcements with you over the next several weeks.


      &Collar Rebrand

      &Collar Rebrand

      Today we’re here to talk about our company. Where it is today and where we are headed. 
      We’d also like to unveil a new name, logo, and why we’ve decided to change. 
      Since our launch in the summer of 2017, we’ve focused on the idea that fashion and functionality shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We wanted a name that would properly reflect the idea that these shirts were for everyone whether you’re working in an office or in a mechanics bay. The name Blue and White Collar felt like a name that synthesized our entire brand ethos into our identity. 
      However, since our inception, we’ve run into a few issues with the name. First and foremost we’ve realized that it’s difficult for people to remember and recite easily. Blue and White Collar doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way Nike or Kinfolk does. Brand names must be easily remembered and recognizable. 
      Number two, we feel as though Blue and White Collar doesn’t properly convey the future of the brand. Our goal is to still provide clothing that is of the highest quality at the best price, but we are evolving as a brand and want our name to be able to evolve with us. Now that we are diving into sustainable manufacturing and business practices, we wanted a name that conveys that larger message. 
      Without further wait, we present to you our new name and logo!
      After months of discussion and research, we have landed on the name &Collar. The name allows for a feeling of progression. We also didn’t want to radically change our name to depart from the original ideas that made up Blue and White Collar. 
      This visual rebrand also signals an internal shift for us. You’ll notice in the coming weeks that our website will look a bit different, we will have more products to offer, and a few more exciting changes. This is all to say we’re growing, and we want our name and visual identity to grow with us.
      In order to provide continuity for ourselves and our customers, we wanted to keep our button icon. The only changes that we made to it were getting rid of the black and replacing it with a powerful navy blue.
      Our new typeface logo takes on a much more bold feel. We wanted our name to be able to stand out in a crowd and be noticed. 
      Our new logo set lets us show ourselves off in just about any situation and be instantly recognizable.
      You may be asking yourselves, what happens to and your social media accounts? You will still be able to access our website at the old address, but now we’d encourage you to use for the sake of saving your fingers a little time typing out our longer old address. As for social media, we will be transitioning our accounts to reflect our new name and we can be found at our new @andcollar handles on all social media.
      We can’t wait to hear your reaction to our new identity, and we’re even more excited to continue providing you with the best dress shirts you’ll ever wear.
      With lots of love,
      Jordan and the &Collar team

      Dress Codes Defined

      Dress Codes Defined

      Have you ever been invited to a party and was told to dress up? But when you dress up, it just means putting on pants that have a zipper and belt loops, not a drawstring. So you ask, “Dress up? Like how dressed up?” And you get this, “It’s not formal, maybe semi-formal. Dressy casual and business casual is fine too.” If you’re like me, you would probably be wondering what the difference between semi-formal, dressy casual and business casual is. So let’s dive right in.




      Easy. You know what it is. But be careful when people say casual, it doesn’t always mean wear whatever you want. I mean, go watch the Casual Friday episode from The Office. There are still boundaries. If you’re working for a company that is casual dress every day, don’t wear shorts until someone who’s been working there longer than you have pulls them out. The same applies to flip-flops. While you don’t want to be too casual, the opposite is true too. Overdressing and underdressing just give you unwanted attention.




      The line between business casual and casual dress is pretty blurry. For some people, those two are exactly the same. Business casual usually constitutes long pants that aren’t slacks or suit pants (chinos and khakis), a collared shirt (polos or button-downs) and dress shoes. Jeans are appropriate, but not the ones with holes or ones that sag closer to your knees than your hips. If you’re thinking about a tie, we’d lean towards a no. The white dress shirt might be a little formal, depends on your pants. This is a good time to pull out colors and patterns. Don’t let the name fool you though, business casual is definitely appropriate for a nice date.



      I’m not sure how adding a tie or blazer makes it smart, but smart casual is basically business casual with a tie or blazer. If you opt for the tie, make sure it matches your shirt. You can wear a tie or a plaid shirt but never both. More formal shirts like a white dress shirt are more appropriate now. This is also a good time for seeing what works between blazers, pants, and shirts. If it works well, feel free to break up a suit combination and wear a suit coat with more casual pants.



      Ever seen the show Suits? If you have, you’re all set. Just wear what they wear in the show. If not, I hope the title of the show is enough of a clue. Suit and ties are mandatory, as well as a dress shirt. However, when it comes to the shirt, you can show some personality with color and pattern. Subtle patterns or solid colors that compliment your suit and tie can really make you stand out. Your suit jacket and your pants should match. Suit vests and suspenders are optional. Unless you’re an NBA All-Star, I’d avoid the shorts.



      Semi-formal takes the business dress code to the next level. Suits should be a dark color, black is a safe choice. Shirts are required to be white. You may want to try out that bowtie, but not now, same goes with the tuxedo. There’s not much wiggle room with a semi-formal event.



      This isn’t your high school formal – That was semi-formal at best. Imagine the fancy parties you see in movies. Renting a tuxedo is definitely appropriate, if not expected unless you’re fancy and already own one. Yes! Bring out the bowtie. Your shirt should be white, a black tux with a black bowtie is safe and expected.


      At the end of the day, you decided what these dress codes entail. If you are Barney Stinson and live in a suit, own it, be comfortable in it. If your closet resembles a highlighter collection, love it, go and show off those colors. I believe in comfort and individuality. Blue and White Collar does too. Of course, there are situations that call for different outfits, so when you need a dress shirt to dress up or dress down, we’re ready for that.


      With lots of love,

      The Blue and White Collar team

      Technology in Fashion

      Technology in Fashion

      If you were to ask someone to draw a picture of clothing, you might draw a dress shirt or a dress. A t-shirt or a pair of pants. The drawing would probably look just about the same in 2019 as if you were to ask someone in the year 1950. Even as fashion continues to evolve as fast (and even faster) as the seasons, clothing tends to have the same general look and feel today as it did thirty or seventy years ago. There will always be a hole in any top for your head, and one for each arm. Aside from the avant-garde fashion seen on the catwalk, clothing follows basically the same template now as it always has. However, the things we wear aren't immune to technology being integrated into our apparel. We now have apps that connect to our self-lacing sneakers, and sunglasses that still don't quite properly transition to eyeglasses when you go inside.  

      The marriage of technology and fashion was what initially inspired us to create Blue and White Collar. And it's what motivates us to continue to innovate today. Why do dress shirts have to be stiff and uncomfortable? Why do I have to take certain shirts to the dry cleaners? And what kind of black magic do they even do at the dry cleaners anyway?

      We want to make iconic pieces that you'll feel comfortable in whether you're in the boardroom or on a skateboard. We believe that tech in fashion shouldn't make our lives more complicated, but more comfortable. If we can get you in a shirt that keeps you cool on a hot muggy day, then we've done our job. If we can get you in a shirt that stays clean when you nervously spill your drink on it during a first date, then we'll consider ourselves successful cupids. We're here to make sure you have one less thing to worry about in your already busy life. 

      We are pushing ourselves each and every day to integrate tech into our shirts and future products in order to make the most technically advanced, affordable, and sustainable products that allow you to be on top of your game always. So sit back and relax while we work away at making the best shirts you'll ever wear.


      With much love,

      Jordan and the Blue and White Collar team