The Fine Line Between Paying Too Much and Too Little

The Fine Line Between Paying Too Much and Too Little

The Fine Line Between Paying Too Much and Too Little

People always say that you have to pay for quality. Or you get what you pay for. When you hear these phrases it's usually in regards to needing to pay a lot of money in order to experience high-quality craftsmanship. While I agree that this is indeed the case to an extent, but where is the line that tips the scale where we pay too much for something that's just not worth it?  

The fashion industry has been dominated by the big name label for as long as major fashion houses have existed. Names of designers have been sewed into clothing since the mid-1800s, and since then we've been paying a premium for those names because of the quality and status they boast. Take a moment and look at what you're wearing today. How many labels are you outwardly representing? From the swoosh on your Nike sneakers to the small red tag on the back of your Levi's jeans, we have all become a part of paying for the brands we know and trust. 

Most of the time these brands carry a weight of expertise or unmatched tradition. Nike arguably makes the best athletic shoes. But what happens when a high fashion brand like Balenciaga attempts to recreate the sneaker but sell it for nearly $1,000? Have we passed the line of paying too much for a pair of sneakers? What about H&M who sells a pair of sneakers for $12? Are we now paying far too little for quality? I think most people would agree that settling on a pair of Nikes is probably the best option in that scenario for finding a pair of shoes that will last the longest, have the most comfort, and the newest tech, as well as paying a fair price for the aforementioned features. 

But what happens when a new clothing market begins to pop up? Who sets the standard for what a piece of clothing is worth? Enter the performance dress shirt. Before we opened our doors we began to see a few performance dress shirt brands begin selling shirts and realized that the cost was ridiculous. As college students and young professionals, we simply couldn't afford to pay $150 for a single performance dress shirt. We also didn't want to have to wear the hot, wrinkled, and uncomfortable shirts we'd experienced our entire lives and be forced to pay an equally high price or pay a few dollars for a poorly made product. This is where we at Blue and White Collar come in.

We wanted to make an affordable performance dress shirt. A shirt with all the features we dreamt of. Breathable, stretchy, wrinkle-free and stain resistant. We wanted to make this shirt of the highest quality, but we wanted to make sure people like us could afford to buy them. We want you to be able to look like a million dollars without having to pull in a seven-figure paycheck. We also wanted to go above and beyond what these shirts that cost over $100 were doing by making our shirts out of recycled plastic. We wanted to help solve the problem of polluted oceans and ecosystems when you bought a shirt from us. So now when you're buying a Blue and White Collar shirt, you're buying the most sustainably made performance dress shirt as well.

We're constantly striving to make sure we can get you the best shirts at the best prices so you can rest assured that we've got you covered with the highest quality shirts and the lowest price.


Jordan and the Blue and White Collar team