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&Collar Rebrand

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Today we’re here to talk about our company. Where it is today and where we are headed. 
We’d also like to unveil a new name, logo, and why we’ve decided to change. 
Since our launch in the summer of 2017, we’ve focused on the idea that fashion and functionality shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We wanted a name that would properly reflect the idea that these shirts were for everyone whether you’re working in an office or in a mechanics bay. The name Blue and White Collar felt like a name that synthesized our entire brand ethos into our identity. 
However, since our inception, we’ve run into a few issues with the name. First and foremost we’ve realized that it’s difficult for people to remember and recite easily. Blue and White Collar doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way Nike or Kinfolk does. Brand names must be easily remembered and recognizable. 
Number two, we feel as though Blue and White Collar doesn’t properly convey the future of the brand. Our goal is to still provide clothing that is of the highest quality at the best price, but we are evolving as a brand and want our name to be able to evolve with us. Now that we are diving into sustainable manufacturing and business practices, we wanted a name that conveys that larger message. 
Without further wait, we present to you our new name and logo!
After months of discussion and research, we have landed on the name &Collar. The name allows for a feeling of progression. We also didn’t want to radically change our name to depart from the original ideas that made up Blue and White Collar. 
This visual rebrand also signals an internal shift for us. You’ll notice in the coming weeks that our website will look a bit different, we will have more products to offer, and a few more exciting changes. This is all to say we’re growing, and we want our name and visual identity to grow with us.
In order to provide continuity for ourselves and our customers, we wanted to keep our button icon. The only changes that we made to it were getting rid of the black and replacing it with a powerful navy blue.
Our new typeface logo takes on a much more bold feel. We wanted our name to be able to stand out in a crowd and be noticed. 
Our new logo set lets us show ourselves off in just about any situation and be instantly recognizable.
You may be asking yourselves, what happens to and your social media accounts? You will still be able to access our website at the old address, but now we’d encourage you to use for the sake of saving your fingers a little time typing out our longer old address. As for social media, we will be transitioning our accounts to reflect our new name and we can be found at our new @andcollar handles on all social media.
We can’t wait to hear your reaction to our new identity, and we’re even more excited to continue providing you with the best dress shirts you’ll ever wear.
With lots of love,
Jordan and the &Collar team

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