Technology in Fashion

Technology in Fashion

Technology in Fashion

If you were to ask someone to draw a picture of clothing, you might draw a dress shirt or a dress. A t-shirt or a pair of pants. The drawing would probably look just about the same in 2019 as if you were to ask someone in the year 1950. Even as fashion continues to evolve as fast (and even faster) as the seasons, clothing tends to have the same general look and feel today as it did thirty or seventy years ago. There will always be a hole in any top for your head, and one for each arm. Aside from the avant-garde fashion seen on the catwalk, clothing follows basically the same template now as it always has. However, the things we wear aren't immune to technology being integrated into our apparel. We now have apps that connect to our self-lacing sneakers, and sunglasses that still don't quite properly transition to eyeglasses when you go inside.  

The marriage of technology and fashion was what initially inspired us to create Blue and White Collar. And it's what motivates us to continue to innovate today. Why do dress shirts have to be stiff and uncomfortable? Why do I have to take certain shirts to the dry cleaners? And what kind of black magic do they even do at the dry cleaners anyway?

We want to make iconic pieces that you'll feel comfortable in whether you're in the boardroom or on a skateboard. We believe that tech in fashion shouldn't make our lives more complicated, but more comfortable. If we can get you in a shirt that keeps you cool on a hot muggy day, then we've done our job. If we can get you in a shirt that stays clean when you nervously spill your drink on it during a first date, then we'll consider ourselves successful cupids. We're here to make sure you have one less thing to worry about in your already busy life. 

We are pushing ourselves each and every day to integrate tech into our shirts and future products in order to make the most technically advanced, affordable, and sustainable products that allow you to be on top of your game always. So sit back and relax while we work away at making the best shirts you'll ever wear.


With much love,

Jordan and the Blue and White Collar team