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The Rise of Athleisure

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If you’ve ever scrolled through an Instagram feed, read a fashion blog post, or have a Pinterest account you surely have encountered this phenomenon over the past few years. People are rejecting the idea that you always have to be “dressed up” and looking “put together” at least in the traditional sense. We are seeing people wearing athletic clothing in everyday settings because of their comfortable fit, and high tech materials that keep you cool and dry regardless if you’re squatting hundreds of pounds or just deadlifting your iced coffee.

The spike in this trend has born a cottage industry of clothing brands that specialize in athleisure wear. It’s common to see someone walking around in Lululemon tights with Nike running shoes and an Athleta top on any given Saturday running errands instead of running a marathon. When we consider why this movement has taken such hold in our society it becomes clear that people are fed up of wearing clothing that’s uncomfortable because it’s what we are supposed to wear. We want to be comfortable, and if those comfortable clothes just happen to look good, then it’s a win-win! And who doesn’t want to feel like an athlete while eating eggs benedict at brunch with friends?


This is where we come in. We were inspired by the athletic materials of soccer jerseys and running shorts. They moved with us when we were playing sports and running. They kept us dry and comfortable. But, then why was it that when we had to look our best, dress shirts couldn’t keep up? We wanted to combine athleisure and your Sunday best to make the ultimate dress shirt. While we love athleisure as much as the next person we realized that people aren’t going to show up to a board meeting with the head of acquisitions in gym shorts anytime soon. So we made sure the dress shirt was something you forgot used to be a hassle to wear and instead has become a joy.


Until next time, friends

-Jordan and the Blue and White Collar team

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