5 Reasons Landing Page

1) No Stain, No Pain

&Collar shirts are treated with something we can only describe as close to magic. Spill your morning coffee on the commute? No worries. A little soy sauce from your favorite sushi spot? Rolls right off. Messy kids who want a hug? Show the love.

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2) People Love These Shirts

We thought it might be a fluke when a few people liked these shirts. But when thousands and thousands of people go out of their way to give us a 5-Star review? Well, that's what we in the business call a really really good shirt.

Go Ahead, Get Yours

3) Stretch Out

Have you ever tried to grab something from a high shelf wearing a dress shirt? Your shirt comes untucked, you feel like a t-rex because you can't lift your arms high enough. Yeah, us too. So we made a shirt that moves with you! Wild idea, we know.

See For Yourself

4) Don't Break The Bank

Comfort should be a right, not a privilege! Why would you spend well over $100 for a shirt that shouldn't cost that much? Save cash with &Collar and spend it on one of those race car beds that we all thought were so cool as kids.

Save That Cheddar

5) Dress It Up Or Down

Work? You're covered. Date? Gotcha. Sitting on the couch barely conscious with Cheeto crumbs all over you while the DVD menu of Joe Dirt plays on loop? This is a judgment free zone, so yes!

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