Range Blazer - Masters Green

Color - GREEN
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The world's best blazer now fit for a champion! Our super limited run of 100 Masters inspired green jackets will make you feel like Tiger or The Golden Bear regardless of your handicap on the course.

You could spend $1M+ in green fees, travel, and more to have the chance to win at Augusta, ooorrrrrrr simply spend $125 today and get the same green jacket!

*For best fit, go according to your traditional suit size (ie 40). &Collar's closest equivalent in shirt size is included as a help.

Why choose &Collar?

Our goal is to make both the world's best menswear and the best menswear for the world.

Truly Stain Resistant

Whether you need a cool party trick or just protection from stray drinks or sauces, approach life [and food] with confidence!

Sustainably made

Sustainably made

Each shirt is made with recycled plastic bottle fibers, so rest easy knowing you're cleaning your wardrobe and the world in one fell swoop.

Super stretchy & wildly comfy

From taking naps to climbing peaks and everything in between [aka normal life], we've got you covered.

Heavy On Features, Light On Price

We weren't satisfied making run of the mill clothes at a great price. We wanted to jam pack them with all of the features we could think of and then some.

  • 3D stretch, stain-repellent, moisture-wicking, uber [or Lyft?] comfortable, wrinkle-resistance, machine washable, stress-free. All of that accomplished with recycled materials.

  • We promise to never cut corners in our efforts to deliver you the best products humanly [or otherworldly] possible. We have a no-questions-asked return and exchange policy, tens of thousands of five-star reviews, and we are just getting started in our efforts to partner with you to create the world's best menswear brand.

Heavy On Features, Light On Price